Our Team

One Team, many possibilities

Unique has been in the industry in Colorado for over 36 years, and couple that with Ascend industry and scale experience, our combined teams are comprised of individuals with vast experience and knowledge coming from many other very experienced organizations. Our experience showcases the professionalism our teams bring to our client base on a daily basis. We pride ourselves on the way we show up for our clients and also the desire to bring our clients new solutions to better serve them. As such we are excited about what our combined Ascend2Unique team brings to take us into the next chapter

Meet Our Team

Kevin Hopkins


Kevin Hopkins has a long and accomplished career in Print Sales and Manufacturing, with over 34 years’ experience he brings a knowledge of all facets of the business. Kevin has developed his knowledge and leadership over the years, and the ability to successfully run teams on both the sales and production side of the business. A firm understanding of the industry an d the clients need to be served at the highest level, lend to his credibility as a leader for the Unique team. Coupled with 11 years spent in a large corporate setting at Cenveo with over 10,000 global employees; Kevin’s multi-faceted experience brings varied cultural knowledge of companies. He also brings to the table a key understanding of change management within industry mergers, having come from one of Unique Litho’s prior merger teams with Alpine Printing. Kevin has a passion for the team, and ensuring a culture that promotes the well being of it’s people and a high level of integrity and service to the client base as a whole. An entrepreneur and service minded individual at heart, he is a key piece of our team that Unique is lucky to have!

Gary Harshfield

VP Manufacturing

Gary Harvey brings to the table unparalleled experience in the Print Manufacturing industry. As CEO and Owner of Siler Printing prior to joining the Unique Litho team, he has over 30 years of running a full commercial printing manufacturing facility on a high level. His keen eye for quality and an attitude of always get it done right, are a great asset in an environment that we are excited to grow and scale, in order to serve all our clients commercial media needs. The industry and facilities knowledge Gary brings ensures that for the best of our team and our clients, we are consistently looking to improve efficiencies, technologies and expertise so that we can bring our best. We know that as a brand our clients have the ability to choose who represents them, and we are proud with Gary at the helm in our facilities and production we will always step with the best representation of our clients we can bring. Another fellow entrepreneur and dedicated team member, we are glad he’s a part of our A-List team.

Lori Harshfield

VP Finance

Lori Harshfield, another long-time industry veteran, brings the keen financial eye and an ability to look out for the team on the financial horizon. Her experience in running Siler side by side with Gary, has given Lori the ability to view the business from the owner’s seat and really have a pulse on the day-to-day business needs. She brings to the table 35 years of accounting and financial background and industry expertise in an understanding of all facets of the business for over 15 years. Lori is not just a go to resource for our Unique team, but her team is a resource for all our SMB business units as we look to provide additional outsourced benefits to all companies we partner with in our ecosystem. The support of that and other business functions allows us to outsource necessary business functions such as accounting, benefits/HR and marketing/sales. Lori rounds out a team of industry professionals we consider unparalleled and we are excited to serve with into the next chapter of Unique’s life.

Ascend Support Team

John Vasquez

CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

John Vasquez serves as CEO of Ascend Nõvus, Inc. John has built a reputation in creating strategic and capital plans for enterprise platforms, he has combined his background and experience to design his Activist Investor approach. John has 33 years of experience allowing him to participate in the scale of ecosystem companies we partner with as an expert in financing, acquisition, and culture development in growing entities.

Patrick Wieland

COO (Chief Operations Officer)

Patrick Wieland serves as COO of Ascend Nõvus, Inc. Patrick has spent 20 years of his career helping SMB’s achieve success through strategic planning and execution. His focus has been on aligning human capital management with strategy. In the last 5 years Patrick has been assisting in the development of a commercial print and mail company. He serves in working with the leadership team internally on the day to day running and scale opportunities for Unique.

Shara Hubert

CMO (Chief Marketing Officer)

Shara Hubert serves as CMO of Ascend Nõvus, Inc. With close to 8 years serving in the print and mail marketing industry and many years of experience in various facets of construction industry companies, she brings knowledge and execution experience in many businesses similar to Ascends portfolio companies. She serves as a strategist and marketer for the business units Ascend serves, working with their leadership teams to execute in driving business for scale.

William Romero

SPM (Strategic Portfolio Manager)

Will Romero serves as Strategic Portfolio Manager for Ascend Nõvus, Inc. and is an experienced financial analyst. He has specialized in financial analysis, capital prep, data management, and project management. Will has spent several years managing and analyzing financials' for a number of businesses in Ascend investment sectors. Will works with Ascends ecosystem businesses to prep what they need for capital investments and manage these transactions to close; from private equity investment, SBA financing, & bridge financing.