We deliver innovation
that ignites marketing outcomes and delivers full-service media solutions

Our Vision

We provide an acquisition platform established over 36 years by combining multiple small print and digital services businesses. Our goal is to keep local brand ownership and competitive services while continuing to serve their client base at a high level. We help teams to stay competitive by providing additional product solutions, technology, and financial stability under a platform that is not readily available to the small and mid-size business stand alone. Together we are stronger.

Marketing. Communicating. Delivering.

Ascend2Unique Values.

Our Team

Our team is built not only on strong brands but experienced industry professionals who strive to serve our clients at a high level. With a combined industry experience level of over 75 years we look to bring strong brands and teams into the next chapter for the business and grow new leaders into the foundational business already in place.

Our Experience

Our brands combine into our Ascend2Unique print media arm of the Ascend business, within each one of those exists a brand story and team that brings its own character to the team. As we’ve all come together and look toward additional opportunities we also will continue to share those stories of each individual brand to honor the past experiences which have combined to make this such a great team to be a part of.

Our Approach

As Ascend2Unique looks to the future we will continue to welcome strong brands and experience to our portfolio team. We believe that trusting our people and offering them the opportunity to develop the business with more resources utilizing Ascends experience and process development will deliver even better products and services and in turn serve our clients at a higher level , which is right in line with our values of delivering refined business outcomes.


Our print media business Unique brings to the table over 30 years of experience in the industry across all facets of the print medium. Serving clients from Real Estate, Non-Profit, Home Services, Education, Corporate, Medical and more we have decades of expertise and welcome the opportunity to be a one stop service to make sure your team has what they need in the time they need it

Our Values

Our Ascend2Unique partnerships follow the Ascend2Novus values synergistically in believing that our people are the key to un locking the true potential of any organization. We seek to partner with companies that are under resourced to grow their processes and people into realizing the full potential that is already within the organization.

Our Process

We deliver innovative media solutions that ignite and refine business outcomes. Our philosophy is to be a full-service print media solution across all mediums, from marketing solutions in print, wide format, and digital; to brand solutions such as fabric printing and promotional products. Our ecosystem provides high quality products and services with the ability to have cohesiveness and complete communication in one place.

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