Our Experience

At Ascend2Unique we are proud to bring together a collective group of experience and brand strength that spans over decades of experience in our industry. We are stronger as a collective in bringing together a more solid team unit and overarching experience as well as a suite of services to our client base that is very extensive in serving their needs. That said we are always excited to share the individual brand stories and the why behind our partnerships.

Take a deeper look at what we call our family stories below:


Unique began with humble roots in the blueprinting industry. In 1985, Jay Hartway and his parents decided to take the leap into small business ownership by purchasing Unique Reproductions. They soon discovered that, unlike the blueprint and copy industry, traditional print services could be won by providing better quality instead of a commodity where faster and cheaper were the only distinguishing factors. This newfound quality service matrix allowed Unique Litho to become an industry leader in Colorado for print and mail services. Over the year Unique pursued additional ways to serve their clients and communities, not wanting to just be another printer in Colorado, Jay had passion and foresight to see the environmental impact the print industry had on the world and ways it could be done better. He set out to find more “eco-friendly” methods and practices to bring to the company. Adding in many additional skilled staff to the organization over the years brings us to today, where many of our leadership team comes from the industry either owning or running their own print production facilities. It has led to a combined team of knowledge and skill set that is unparalleled in the marketplace. The team has weather many seasons their almost 40 years in business and is excited to see what is next on the horizon with the Ascend2Unique team.